Goodsie – The Alternative To Shopify

Goodsie is positioning itself in becoming an alternative to Shopify. Until recently, supported more payment gateways compared to Goodsie, which only integrated with Google Checkout and Paypal. However, with the addition of Authorize.Net, Braintree, and others, that gap is closing.

Goodsie Payment Options

Goodsie Payment Options

If one had to summarize the differences, Goodsie is entry level hosted ecommerce platform and Shopify is advanced one. Shopify offers more customization, features, integration, support etc than Goodsie. In other hand, Goodsie costs less than Shopify and it has 0% transaction fee. In short, Goodsie is good when you’ve 10 or 20 products in your catalog and you don’t want much feature and Shopify comes after that.

Negatives: Goodsie doesn’t give you complete control over the HTML/CSS your store uses. Unfortunately, for many people who integrate their shops with the rest of their site, this is a dealbreaker. Shopify models more of the lifetime of an online store and gives a lot more upwards scalability. There are plenty Shopify stores in the tens of million dollar revenue range, some even with dedicated development teams which create all sorts of great addons on Shopify’s platform.

Final Note:  For someone wanting to set up a simple store without needing to know any code, and for a reasonable price, then Goodsie is a great option. If you want to see what you can achieve with it you can probably get a hint with these video. Otherwise Shopify is the solution (you can read our review of shopify here)

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Ankit Kumar has a great 5-min blog post about the general comparisons between Shopify, Magento, and Bigcommerce.

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